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The Boiling Frog

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I’m blogging about my current bout of illness over at The Law of Love. This is my first post.

The Law of Love

“Suddenly I found myself in hot water. Boiling water!”

It seems like that when illness suddenly strikes you down.

I had returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip Down Under in tiptop shape, nicely tanned and relaxed from the Cook Islands and more than ready to tackle my many projects afresh. After all, the writing of at least nine books awaited me, from ten to ninety per cent complete. Let the postponed year 2015 begin!

Granted, the old body had seemed less willing to get up to ten thousand steps a day than in the past. Might as well talk to the doc about that, I decided, once home again. She and I had probably forgotten what the other looked like by now, given the frequency of my visits. Dr. S checked the records: sure enough, it had been ten months. In the cause of good sense, at my age, we might…

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Author: Kaimana

Kaimana Wolff is an author living in British Columbia with her wolf pack. She owns several thousand books and enjoys coffee and chocolate with her morning read.

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